Friday, February 15, 2013


      Ok. I know I'm not exactly in a minority here. At the ripe old age of 27 (aka last fall), I decided to return to school to finish my bachelor's degree after a 3-year hiatus of sorts. At the time, in addition to a desire to get out of the service industry and get what my bartender friends semi-jokingly call "a grown-up job," I had a vision in my mind of somewhat reliving my "glory days"- football games with rowdy tailgating, parties, bars and a generally overbooked social calendar. But, you know, this time I was going to go to class and maybe try that whole studying thing I vaguely remember my classmates and sorority sisters talking about the last time I was a student. I know, I know-the whole social life thing was a completely ridiculous thing to think, but it carried me through a rather complicated application and registration process and before I knew it, the first day of class arrived. Boy, let me tell you, that first step onto campus was an awakening. When did college kids get so young? Surely I had not looked like I was 12 when I arrived on campus as a freshman nearly 10 years ago? Wait, that can't be right. Ten years? Damn.

     So, after a semester of positive feedback on my usually sarcastic Facebook status updates about my experiences on campus, I've broken down and decided to write about it all- the good, the bad, the ugly, and my battles with campus squirrels. I will be shocked if anyone reads it, but if they do, I at least hope they enjoy it.

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  1. You will find that you are not necessarily in the minority. I finished my first degree at 44 and my second at 52. Currently I'm getting started on my master's.

    At my school they referred to me as a Non-traditional student, because I lived off campus and I above the normal age for a student.